SS 2022 Stein, was willst Du sein?
Matija Pekić, Mirna Vujovic.

Die Schule

In order to answer this question, we must first understand exactly what our project is and what it represents. Designed as an unusual school whose task is to create an impression of safety and isolation from the environment for its users, but also to make those two things not seen as disadvantages, but on the contrary as advantages, with its form and functions. Designed in such a way that the massive walls on the perimeter of the building create a clear border where the outside ends and the inside begins.


The way we helped this concept works is that we used bricks in a traditional way, we didn't try to push a single brick to its technical limits, but we tried to use it in the way it was intended to be used. In situations where the brick would be brought to a situation where it would be at its limit, we used the help of other building materials such as wood and steel. Taking into account everything that has been said so far, we can more clearly answer the question posed. The brick in our building wants to be part of something bigger, it does not want to stand out from the surroundings and wants to work together with other elements, but not in such a way that each individual brick loses its importance every bick is where it was meant to be.

Ansicht West
Ansicht Ost
Modell Sockel, M 1:1
Modell Unterzug, M 1:1
Ansicht Nord
Ansicht Süd
Grundriss EG
Grundriss 1.OG
Grundriss 2.OG
Grundriss 2.OG
Grundriss 3.OG
Grundriss 5.OG
Modell Fenster, M 1:5

Projekt: Matija Pekić, Mirna Vujovic

Studio Stein, was willst Du sein?