WS 2022 Masken
Fabian Steinberger, Pia Pollak.


Looking for a Match

It’s quirky, kind of weird – has two parts yet is one.
Is full of partners yet has none.
Follows directions yet obeys all exceptions.

It’s all that, but still lonely.

The building is out there looking for a partner with its big round eyes.
But all around it are different, different yet so regular.

It wants tension - one that fits without fitting.
It should look and be just like it, yet not be a copy.


There are only others to speak of its image.

They talk of shapes, of rules and lines.
All guides for the new shape which forms atop the building’s roof.

Then the new one arrived; and in theory it was perfect.
All rules followed; the descriptions considered.

Still, some things were off.


Now the two buildings could talk about what it’s other half could not see,
about their problems, their quirks, and imperfections.

As time passed, they changed, and once more two became one.

A building by its partners rules

All elements have partners.
Edges are staggered to become multiple edges.
Elements follow direction.
Some elements disobey direction.
Exceptions have to exist.
The buildings vertical boundaries are broken at least one time.
The buildings façade has two directions.

Projekt: Fabian Steinberger, Pia Pollak

Studio Masken