WS 2022 100 Meter Haus
Julian Lança Gil, Natalia Vasadze.

Celebrating the moment before it happens

Anticipating something before it actually happens can be at the same time pure joy or absolute misery. With this project we wanted to celebrate this very excitement and thrill one gets from anticipation. Because sometimes it is not about the moment itself but the moment that comes before it.

The moment before you jump into the cold water. The moment before meeting your crush. The moment before the actual kiss. Although our starting point was contemporary, in that we used digital photography to find our concept, the same idea can be already seen in frescos from 500 years ago. And as the painter has his brush as a tool to translate her*his idea, we used architectural elements to communicate our concept.

Projekt: Julian Lança Gil, Natalia Vasadze

Studio 100 Meter Haus